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Working as an electrician comes with some obvious risks, both to yourself, others and people’s properties. If there is an issue, the consequences could be very serious and very expensive. That’s why it is important to make sure you have the right electrician’s insurance, letting you have peace of mind when you are at work.

Our handy quote comparison tool at will let you quickly and easily compare tradesman insurance from a wide range of lenders across the UK. Comparing quotes can help you find a great deal, giving you the chance to save time and money. We can also help you find painter insurance, plasterer insurance, and other types of trade insurance.

What insurance do self-employed electricians need?

There are no insurance types required by law when you work as an electrician. However, with the risks that come from working in the electrician field, it can be important to get public liability insurance. Many large employers will not consider electricians who do not have appropriate insurance, so compare your offers today with

Do electricians have to have liability insurance?

Liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, local authorities and other large companies will not let electricians bid for work unless they have this insurance.

What is public liability insurance for electricians?

Public liability insurance will protect you in case a person is injured or someone’s property is damaged as a result of you doing your work. This can help cover the legal fees as well as the compensation you would be required to pay if this happens.

Do I need insurance if I work as a contractor?

You may not need insurance if you are contracting with a company that has insurance for its contractors. You should always check what insurance you are covered by. You can still get your own insurance even if you are covered by another electrician’s insurance policy.

How do I get cheap electrician insurance?

One of the best ways to get cheap insurance is to compare quotes from multiple different providers. This also lets you see what additional types of insurance you might want to include, helping you get a great deal for your insurance.

Can I get tool insurance as an electrician?

Yes, you can often add on tool insurance when you look at tradesman insurance. This will help cover the costs if your tools are stolen, lost or damaged, depending on the policy. This can be very beneficial as it helps you avoid the high costs of replacing these tools yourself.

What other types of insurance can electricians get?

Electricians can also look at other types of insurance such as employer’s liability insurance to cover employees, business interruption insurance to cover periods when you cannot work, and professional indemnity insurance to cover compensation for mistakes you make. There are also other types of insurance useful for your business, such as van insurance, commercial property insurance and home office insurance. View all your options, compare best offers and get covered with the help of