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Are you looking for cheap multi-trip travel insurance? Wherever you need to go, whether you’re planning worldwide travel or lots of business trips to nearby destinations, we can help. Here at, we offer a quick and simple insurance quote comparison tool to help you find the insurance you need at a great price.

What is a multi-trip travel insurance?

Multi-trip travel insurance is designed for people who travel a lot. With multi-trip insurance, you take out an annual travel insurance policy, and you will be insured for any trips you make within that 12-month period. Different policies will cover different areas. For example, you could get European multi-trip travel insurance or worldwide travel insurance.

What is annual multi trip travel insurance?

This is insurance that covers you for any trips you may make in the space of a 12 month period since the start of your policy.

Is it cheaper to get multi-trip travel insurance?

The cheapest insurance for you will depend on how often you are intending to travel. If you are only going on one trip you will often find it cheaper to get single trip insurance. However, if you are going on two or more trips per year you might find it cheaper to get multi-trip or annual travel insurance.

What is the difference between single trip and multi-trip insurance?

The only difference between single trip and multi-trip insurance is that multi-trip insurance covers you for any trips you make in the selected period, while single trip insurance will only cover you for one trip. Both types of insurance typically cover the same things, such as medical costs, cancellations, and maybe lost luggage.

What is the maximum number of days for a trip on a multi-trip travel insurance policy?

When you choose your multi-trip insurance policy, you can pick how long your maximum trip duration will be. You can usually choose from 30 days, 45 days, or 60 days. As long as you keep each trip within the set time periods then you will be covered by your insurance policy.

What does multi-trip travel insurance not cover?

Like most other travel insurance policies, multi-trip insurance doesn’t normally cover:

  • Medical bills from existing health conditions or lack of vaccinations
  • Medical bills caused by alcohol or drugs
  • Some dangerous sports and activities
  • Travel to destinations that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against.
When should I get travel insurance?

You should generally get travel insurance as soon as you book your journey. This way, you will be protected if your holiday or flight gets cancelled shortly after booking. However, some providers may not offer insurance if your trip is more than a year away.

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