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Business Van Insurance

Compare Business Van Insurance

Insuring a business van can be an unwelcome expense when you’re trying to make a living. Van insurance is typically more expensive than car insurance, which can make it hard to find cheap business van insurance, whether you drive a standard van, a modified van, or an electric van.

We offer a handy tool that lets you quickly and easily compare business van insurance offers from a wide range of insurance providers throughout the UK. All you need to do is input your van details and your personal information to get quotes. You can also select specific insurance features like legal cover or breakdown cover when you search, helping you save time and money.

What does business insurance cover on a van?

Business insurance on a van will cover you when you use the van for work purposes, as well as usually covering personal trips. You can also find business van insurance that includes cover for the items in your van, such as tools and computers needed for work.

What insurance do I need for a work van?

If you use your van for work at all, you need to make sure that you get business van insurance. Normal private van insurance will not cover you when you use the van for business purposes such as delivering goods or travelling to and from work sites

Is commercial van insurance more expensive?

Yes, business van insurance is typically more expensive than private van insurance. This is because using a van for work means that you will likely be on the road more often and thus will be at more risk of having an accident.

How much is business van insurance?

The amount your business van insurance will cost is dependent on what commercial policy you need to take out. The Average non-commercial van insurance price is around £570 per year in the UK. The best way to get an idea of exactly what a business van insurance policy would cost you is to hunt around for the best deal with Tiger.

Can you insure a company van personally?

If you use your company van for work purposes you must make sure that you get appropriate business van insurance. You can arrange commercial van insurance yourself if you own the vehicle, or with the agreement of your workplace.

Do I need commercial insurance to drive a van?

The type of insurance you need for a van depends on what you use the van for. If you use the van for work purposes, you need commercial insurance. If you only use the van for social and domestic reasons, you can look at private van insurance.

Can I drive a business van on my car insurance?

No, most car insurance policies will not cover you driving a business van. This is because business use has to be specially included and most car insurance is not designed for work use of a vehicle.

What’s the difference between private and commercial van insurance?

Private van insurance is only for using your van for social or domestic reasons, such as camping or moving items for your own home. If you use your van for work purposes, you will need business van insurance.