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Commercial Van Insurance

Compare Commercial Van Insurance

Looking for cheap commercial van insurance? Getting commercial van insurance can be more expensive than private use insurance, so it can be hard to make sure you are getting a great deal.

We can offer a quick and simple way for you to compare insurance offers from insurance providers across the UK. All you need to do is input your van details and your personal information, and we can show you quotes from a wide range of insurance providers. If you also need legal cover, windscreen cover, or other add-ons, we can help with that too.

What is commercial van insurance?

Commercial van insurance is very much like private van insurance but it is meant to rather cover your commercial van. Depending on the level of coverage you take out, you can get coverage against the following…

  • Loss and damage to you vehicle
  • Accidental damage by third party to your vehicle
  • Legal fees
  • Van contents related to your business if stolen, damaged
  • Medical expenses
Is commercial van insurance more expensive?

Yes, commercial van insurance is often more expensive than private car or van insurance. This is because commercial vehicles will often be on the road more, meaning that they are at a higher risk of having an accident. Many vans are more powerful than cars, which can make insurance more costly.

What is considered a commercial van?

The usual definition of a commercial van is a vehicle that weighs over one tonne and has a dedicated load area. The vehicle will need to be used for commercial reasons to classify as a commercial van as well.

Do I need commercial insurance to drive a van?

You need commercial van insurance if you are using your van for commercial purposes. If you have a van but use it solely for social or domestic purposes, you can instead get private van insurance. You should consider what purpose you will use the van for over the duration of your insurance policy.

Can I drive a business van on my car insurance?

No, you cannot usually drive a commercial vehicle on your regular car insurance policy. You should check the terms of your insurance to make sure, but most personal car insurance policies will not allow you to drive vans. Most car insurance policies also exclude commercial driving use.

How can I make commercial insurance cheaper?

Whether you need insurance for an electric van or a modified van, one way that you can get cheaper insurance is by comparing quotes from different providers. This will help you see if you can save money.

What’s the difference between private and commercial van insurance?

Private van insurance will only cover you when you drive a van for social or domestic purposes. Commercial van insurance is needed if you want to drive a van for work or commercial purposes. If you only have private van insurance, you will not be insured if you drive commercially.

Can I drive someone else’s van on my van insurance?

Most van insurance policies only allow you to drive the van you have insured. However, you should check with the insurer before you take out a policy if you need to drive more than one van.