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Home Appliance Insurance – Find a Cheap Policy

You might assume that your home appliances are already protected under the ‘contents cover’ element of your home insurance policy, and to a certain extent that’s right. Your cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer or fridge should be covered by your contents insurance if that appliance is ever damaged by fire or flooding, or if it’s stolen by thieves. 

However, if your home appliance suffers a mechanical failure or electrical fault you’ll have to rely on your manufacturer’s warranty instead – unless your appliance is no longer under warranty, of course.

And that’s where home appliance insurance comes in – sometimes known as an extended warranty, a home appliance insurance policy can cover your domestic appliance against the risk of mechanical or electrical faults.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a new appliance?

Not necessarily. Most home appliance insurance policies are relatively cheap, whereas even a cheap cooker or fridge is likely to cost several hundred pounds, while the best appliances cost thousands.

It’s also worth mentioning that home appliance insurance will cover multiple domestic appliances, not just one.

How much does home appliance insurance cost?

That depends on a number of different risk factorings, including:

  • The number of domestic appliances you’re insuring
  • The age of those appliances
  • The make and model of each appliance
  • The estimated market value of those appliances
  • The estimated cost of parts and repairs

The best plan is to compare domestic appliance insurance quotes from specialist providers, and then go with the one that offers the best cover at the cheapest price.

Is domestic appliance insurance mandatory?

No, you’re under no obligation to insure your home appliances – but this type of policy could be a sensible investment, so it’s worth comparing home appliance insurance quotes to see just how cheap a policy might be.

What things are usually excluded from coverage when I take out a domestic appliance insurance policy?

Some common exclusions you may find when taking out a domestic appliance policy include the following; Theft, forms of cosmetic damage, items over a certain age, items still under warranty, any work done by an unauthorised repairer. This list is not all inclusive and some policies may differ in their exclusions but this should provide you a general idea of what is likely to be excluded in potential policies. You should always check the terms and conditions of a policy and the explicit exclusions of coverage before taking out any insurance cover.

What’s not included in a cooker insurance policy?

Most home appliance insurance policies won’t cover you if your appliance gets dented or scratched, as that damage would be classed as purely cosmetic.

Deliberate damage to an appliance is unlikely to be covered either, and if you use your appliance for commercial rather than domestic purposes (if you’re running a laundry service from your home, for instance) you probably won’t be covered.