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Compare Flat Insurance

If you’re looking to insure your flat, finding the right cover is essential. With so many different levels of cover on offer and varying premiums, it’s important to shop around to make sure you get the best value for money. This is where comes in. Using our price comparison platform allows you to search the market for cheap flat insurance deals, saving you time and money. Find out more about insuring your flat below.

What insurance is needed for a flat?

Flat insurance is essentially buildings and contents cover for a flat. Buildings cover will typically protect your property against risks such as fire, theft, and flooding, while contents cover can provide added protection for your belongings inside. When you get a quote from, you’ll be able to see different levels of buildings and contents cover to meet your needs.

How do I compare flat insurance?

At, we make it easy for you to compare different policies and find great insurance for your flat. All you need to do is enter your details into our simple form, then our comparison engine will search the market for the latest deals. We’ll show you a range of flat insurance quotes from top UK insurers, allowing you to compare different levels of cover and premiums. When you find the right policy for your needs, it only takes a few clicks to buy cover online.


Are flats more expensive to insure?

It depends on the level of cover you choose and the specific risks associated with your flat. In general, flats tend to cost more to insure than other types of property due to their location within a building and shared walls.

How much does flat insurance cost?

The exact amount will vary depending on factors such as the age of the property, security measures in place, and the type or level of cover chosen.

Can single flats be insured?

Yes, offers single flat insurance policies as well as joint or multiple occupancy policies. You’ll need to enter details of the property into our online form before searching for a quote.


As a landlord, you’d be obliged to insure the flat if renting out to tenants.


What else should I consider when insuring my flat?

When searching for flat insurance, it’s important to consider all your needs. Think about the risks associated with your property and how much cover you’ll need to ensure it’s adequately protected. Make sure you read the policy documents carefully so you fully understand the level of cover provided and any exclusions or restrictions.

Does building insurance cover leaks in flats?

It depends on the specific insurer and policy you have chosen. Many insurers provide cover for damage caused by leaks or burst pipes, but it’s important to check with your provider beforehand. You may consider taking out additional cover for accidental damage if this is not included in your standard policy.