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Compare Horse Insurance

Owning a horse is often a huge financial commitment. While it can be difficult to imagine what could happen to your horse in an accident, it’s always best to be prepared for whatever may happen. In the event of an accident or emergency, you may be landed with huge financial costs that present a huge challenge. That’s why any horse owner should take out horse insurance. In doing so, you never have to worry about footing the bill yourself and have the peace of mind that if your horse should become ill or injured, you’ll have adequate cover in place.

Thanks to, you can quickly and easily compare horse insurance quotes from hundreds of reputable insurance companies in one place to help you get a great deal for cheap horse insurance.


Why take out horse insurance?

While there is no legal obligation as a horse owner to take out insurance, much like pet insurance, you can never predict what’s around the corner. If you have a horse on loan, it is usually a requirement as part of the loan agreement to have horse insurance in place.

If you’re stressed about the financial implications of such situations, it would be worth taking out comprehensive cover to protect you in all eventualities, meaning you won’t have to pay for unexpected bills out of your own pocket.

Is it worth insuring my horse?

Absolutely!…your horse is a valuable animal and also a great source of joy for many proud owners. Making sure you have cover in place against the unexpected is the best way ensuring you aren’t left out of pocket should something happen.

What does horse insurance cost?

Basic horse insurance for a fit, young and healthy horse is very affordable in comparison to the regular expenses of owning a horse. However, certain factors may impact the price of your policy, including:

  • The age of your horse
  • Medical history
  • Breed
  • Activities your horse is used for
  • Level of coverage

It is possible to pay for your horse insurance monthly as opposed to paying the full premium in a single payment. This can make it more affordable, though prices may fluctuate. A great way to get affordable horse insurance is to compare horse insurance quotes with us and find a great deal that suits your needs.

What does horse insurance cover?

The level of coverage depends on the policy you take out, but typically, here is what is and isn’t covered in standard horse insurance premiums.


  • Death of your horse
  • Theft or loss of your horse
  • Vet fees (with a maximum cap)

Not covered:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Routine vet check-ups and medication
  • Neglect of your horse

Some policies will also allow you to add extra benefits to your policy including personal accident cover, horsebox cover, vehicle insurance, riding equipment, and liability insurance.


Can I speak to someone about cheap horse insurance?

Yes. Please get in touch with us to speak to our experts if you have any questions or concerns about securing cheap horse insurance. We can provide you with the best horse insurance quotes to help you make a well-informed decision on which policy to choose.