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Compare DSS Landlord Insurance

If you’re a landlord renting to DSS tenants, you’ll need special landlord insurance to make sure you’re covered for the associated risks. With you can quickly and easily compare DSS landlord insurance quotes to help you find great deals on the market.

What does DSS mean?

“DSS” is a throwback to the now obsolete Department of Social Security that used to oversee housing benefits. DSS is used to refer to tenants who are claiming housing benefits, now called Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

What is DSS landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it can be a condition of your mortgage and is generally a good idea regardless. Accidents and damage can and do happen so it’s wise to protect yourself and your property,

DSS landlord insurance is specially designed to cover the risks associated with DSS tenants.

What does DSS landlord insurance include?

As with most insurance policies you can usually mix and match the insurance coverage that you need. Some of the most common types of cover include:

  • Landlord buildings insurance covers any structural damage to your property.
  • Landlord contents insurance covers any damage caused to white goods or furniture from fire or flooding.
  • Landlord liability insurance is important for protecting you against any claims related to personal injury or damage caused to people staying on your property.
  • Tenant default or loss or rent insurance covers you if your renters don’t pay or you lose income because your property becomes uninhabitable. This can be trickier to secure or more expensive with DSS policies as DSS tenants tend to be at higher risk of defaulting.
  • Rehousing insurance protects you if you have to temporarily rehome your tenants.
How can I find cheap DSS landlord insurance?

A great first step in finding cheap DSS landlord insurance deals is to shop around and collect multiple DSS landlord insurance quotes. It’s best to use an impartial comparison service, like, so you know there’s no hidden catch.

Aside from shopping around, you can keep the cost of your insurance premium down by:

  • Building up a good claims history and avoiding making multiple small claims
  • Opting for a higher voluntary excess
  • Improving the security of your property by fitting locks and alarms
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You’re more likely to find competitive and cheap DSS landlord insurance deals when you collect and compare DSS landlord insurance quotes from multiple providers. With simply fill in a short online form and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll search a range of trusted UK insurance companies and collect DSS landlord insurance quotes for you. That way you can easily view available deals, compare and decide on the one that’s right for you.

Looking into other types of landlord insurance? Whether you let out a block of flats or an HMO, can help you find great deals on different types of landlord cover.