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Compare Flat Roof Home Insurance

If your home has a flat roof (or even a partially flat roof) you may already be aware that some home insurance providers can this to represent a higher insurance risk, which is why flat roof home insurance will sometimes cost more.

That’s why we’d recommend you should shop around by comparing flat roof home insurance policies from a wide range of providers, which should increase your odds of finding the right insurance at the right price.

Why does it cost more to insure a house with a flat roof?

Many home insurance specialists view properties with flat roofs as a higher insurance risk. There are two main reasons for that:

  • Homes with flat roofs are sometimes an easier target for burglars and thieves, since the flat roof may give them easier to access to windows and skylights
  • Homes with flat roofs sometimes have a higher risk of structural damage from heavy rain or snow, which could in turn result in an insurance claim for storm damage.
Does it make a difference if only part of my roof is flat?

Yes, some insurance providers will take into account the proportion of your roof that is flat, in which cases homes that have only partially flat roofs might cost a little less to insure than those with fully flat roofs.

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