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Flood-Risk Home Insurance

Compare Flood Risk Home Insurance

Living in a home that has a greater risk than average of being flooded can make it very difficult to get building and contents insurance. It may be that you have already experienced flooding at your property, and have made a previous claim. Alternatively, there may have been a flood in the house or ground floor flat before you were living in it and it has been deemed to be at risk of future flooding. You want to protect the building and everything in it, and that is where flood risk home insurance comes in.

How do you find out if your home is at risk of flooding?

If you think that your property might be in an area that would be classed as at risk, then you can check online to see if it has been designated as a flood zone 2 or flood zone 3. Being in either of these categories means that you are likely to find it more difficult to get insurance, and if you can, then the premiums might be more than you expected to pay.

Can I get house insurance in flood risk?

Absolutely, however some insurers may be unwilling to cover you. The best way to see what cover you are able to get for a property at risk of flooding is to compare as many lenders as possible.

How can you reduce the likelihood of flooding?

It is possible to get special flood doors installed in your home. These can help to minimise any damage caused if a flood does occur. In addition, this kind of precaution can be taken into account by insurers and could help to lower your payments. It is worth noting that these doors must meet specific requirements and be installed by a professional if they are to be taken into consideration for your insurance.

How can you get cheap flood risk insurance?

There are some steps that you can take to help in getting cheap flood risk home insurance. These include:

  • Getting alarms installed: If your home is protected by burglar alarms that are put in by professionals and meet the right standards, then your premiums can be reduced.
  • Get smoke alarms: Having smoke alarms within the property can minimise the risk of the house being damaged or even destroyed by a fire, and insurers recognise this.
  • Consider your excess: The excess is the amount you pay on top of whatever the insurer pays out in the event of a claim. If you are willing to increase the amount of excess you would pay, then you can decrease the cost of your insurance.
  • Pay annually: You can often get a small discount if you pay for the year in full rather than each month.


Where should you go for flood risk insurance?

In order to get the best deal while fully protecting your home, the best option is to compare flood risk home insurance. At, we have a panel of insurers who can help you and you will be given our top flood risk home insurance quotes. This will save you both time and money and give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected.