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Compare Thatched Roof Home Insurance

If you own a home with a thatched roof, you’ll know this beautiful feature gives your property real character. However, you may find that insuring the building and contents is more difficult than it is with a standard property. It could be a challenge to find a policy that is affordable and meets your needs. This is where specific thatched roof home insurance comes in, and helps you to protect your valuable assets while preserving your lovely home.

Why is it more expensive to insure a property with a thatched roof?

In some cases, it can be difficult for providers to ascertain the degree of risk involved in insuring a property with a thatched roof. When they’re unsure of the stability of a property, then they will charge more to protect it, in a practice known as premium loading. There are other factors that mean insuring your thatched roof home may cost more. These include:

  • Potential repair costs: If your roof becomes damaged, it can cost a lot more to fix or replace than a standard roof. Fixing a thatched roof can be expensive, and needs to be done by a specialist in this kind of work. Because this type of property is less common today, it can be difficult to find a professional thatcher to carry out the repairs.
  • Risk of fire: Many insurers consider a property with a thatched roof to have a much higher risk of fire, and they reflect this in the premiums charged.
  • Listed building status: Some thatched roof homes are designated as listed buildings. These types of buildings usually cost more to insure as they are often very old and have been constructed in ways that are not standard in terms of modern building regulations.
Thatched roof home insurance?

Regular home insurance wont cover a thatched roof property however there are specialists which offer insurance for thatched roof properties.

Are thatched roofs expensive to insure?

Thatched roof homes can be more expensive to insure than regular properties as the material used to make the roofing is more expensive than other conventional building materials.

Is it harder to get a mortgage on a thatched property?

It may be harder to find an insurer given the unique materials used in thatched roof properties however this does not mean you need to stress. Tiger can put you in touch with multiple specialist providers so you can find great thatched roof insurance deals.

Can you have an open fire or wood-burning stove in a thatched roof property?

You can have an open fire or wood-burning stove if you wish, but it is worth bearing in mind that these will increase the fire risk. If you take out insurance and then decide to put in a wood-burning stove after signing up for your policy, you are obliged to let the insurer know about this. If you don’t, you could invalidate your insurance and you may not get a payout if you make a claim.

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