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Timber Frame Home Insurance

Wondering if you can you insure a wooden house?

If you have a house that was built with a timber frame, you will probably find that many average insurance policies do not offer coverage for your building and contents. The cover available can often be prohibitively expensive. This is where specialist timber frame home insurance from our panel of expert providers can help.

What kind of homes need this type of insurance?

There are two main types of property that can have a timber frame. The first is a modern home that has been built to contemporary standards with environmental sustainability being a primary goal. The second is a period building that is up to several hundred years old, and these types of properties are often listed buildings too. Listed buildings have their own specific requirements when it comes to taking out insurance, so it is important to inform the provider if your home has this status.

Why are timber frame houses more costly to insure?

The main reason that people have to pay more to get adequate cover for timber frame homes is that they are deemed as having a higher-than-average fire risk. Insurers consider that this type of property may be more likely to catch fire in the first place, and then assist the fire to spread.

Are timber framed houses easy to insure?

Although timber framed houses may be more difficult to insure they are in fact more easy to insure than many people would think. Non-standard materials like can be an issue for many insurers however specialist insurers can offer you cover the same way as a standard material build. You will simply need to compare what offers are available from multiple lenders to find the best timber framed house insurance on offer.

What can you do to reduce the cost?

There are a few steps that can be taken to make your premiums a little lower, such as the following.

  • Get smoke alarms: Having smoke alarms fitted throughout your property reduces the risk of damage caused by fire, and this is reflected in the cost of your insurance.
  • Consider your locks: If you haven’t already got secure high standard locks on your windows and doors, consider getting a professional to install these. Having this kind of security decreases the odds of getting burgled, and can mean that your insurance costs less.
  • Go for a burglar alarm: Burglar alarms also reduce the risk of intruders getting into your home and can help to reduce your premiums. Make sure that they are professionally installed in order to qualify for a discount.
How do you get cheap timber frame home insurance?

You can get cheap timber frame home insurance by taking the steps described to reduce your premiums. In addition, it is worth taking a few moments to compare timber frame home insurance. We do the work for you at, taking just a few details before searching our wide network of specialist insurers. Because we can check with so many potential providers, it’s easy to provide you with the best timber frame home insurance quotes in the business. Our service does the research and hard work so you can just sit back and wait for the results.