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Compare Underpinned Home Insurance

If your home has had a history of subsidence you may have had to have the property underpinned – or a previous owner of the home may have done so, if the issue occurred before you bought your home.

Unfortunately home insurance providers view underpinned homes as a higher insurance risk, which means your premium might be higher and some insurers might be unwilling to even offer you a quote.

That’s why we’d recommend you should shop around by underpinned home insurance policies from a wide range of providers, which should increase your odds of finding the right insurance at the right price.

Why does it cost more to insure an underpinned house?

Many home insurance specialists view properties that have been underpinned as a higher insurance risk, since the underpinning work will have been undertaken due to either a history of subsidence or an identified risk of subsidence.

Does it make a difference if my home has never suffered from subsidence?

Yes, some insurance providers may take into account the fact that your home has never exactly suffered from subsidence before. However, this doesn’t mean your underpinned home insurance will be as cheap as a standard home insurance policy would be, because the fact the property has been underpinned implies that there is a risk of subsidence occurring in the future even if has never happened before.

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