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Are you looking for cheap rabbit insurance for your pet? It can be a challenge to find the right type of pet insurance. Here at, we let you quickly and easily compare quotes for rabbit insurance from some of the top UK insurance providers.

Is it worth getting insurance for rabbits?

Just like with dog insurance or cat insurance, getting insurance for your rabbit will help protect you from unexpected costs if there is illness or injury. Pet insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run if there is a problem.

How does rabbit insurance work?

Rabbit insurance works the same way as other types of insurance. Once you find a quote you are happy with you can either pay for your policy monthly or annually, and you’ll be covered for the time you select. However, pet insurance will only cover health conditions that arise during the insurance term. For example, if your rabbit develops diabetes while insured, you would have to keep renewing that insurance policy otherwise they would not be covered for the costs of treating diabetes.

What is the best pet insurance for rabbits?

There are several types of rabbit insurance that you can choose from to find the best insurance type for your pet.

  • Lifetime policies have an annual limit of compensation per condition. These are typically more expensive, but health conditions are not excluded as long as you renew the policy.
  • Maximum benefit policies have a lifetime limit for each illness or injury. These are cheaper than lifetime policies but might not cover all the costs of treating an illness.
  • Time-limited policies only cover your pet for a set period of time before the policy ends.
  • Accident-only cover will only insure you for the vet costs in case of an accident.
What is covered by rabbit insurance?

Different policies will cover different things. The most common options for pet insurance are:

  • Veterinary fees in case of an accident or illness
  • Third-party liability in case your rabbit harms someone or damages property
  • Loss, which covers the cost of searching for your pet
  • Theft, which will cover some of the purchase price of your rabbit
  • Boarding fees in case your  rabbit has to be homed temporarily due to an emergency
  • Death, which will cover the purchase price of your rabbit.
What isn’t covered by rabbit insurance?

Some items are usually not covered by rabbit insurance include:

  • The full cost of treatment for older rabbits. You might be expected to cover a co-payment for the vet bills.
  • Pre-existing health conditions.
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At, we can help you find a great deal on rabbit insurance. Simply input your details to get quotes from a wide range of UK insurance providers. Comparing insurance quotes can help you save time and money.