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Do you need insurance to be a carpenter?

Although some are required and other insurances recommended, with proper insurance, you’re buying peace of mind. Working with the public always carries some level of risk. Accidents happen. If somebody gets injured, or your tools get stolen, could you afford to pay legal fees or immediately replace your tools? When things go wrong, costs can quickly mount up, putting your business at risk. This is where public liability insurance will protect you. If you have employees, then it’s a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance, which protects you if they have an accident at work.

Should a carpenter have insurance?

It may not be a legal requirement to have carpenter insurance it make complete sense from a business perspective to have. Being caught without insurance can be damaging to your businesses finances in the event of damage and claims.

What are the benefits of carpenter insurance?

Having proper insurance makes you more employable. Some clients will refuse to work with you without public liability insurance, and for some trade bodies, it’s also a requirement.

If I do other types of work, am I still covered?

Carpenter insurance is designed for carpenters. If you’re a plasterer or a plumber, you need insurance designed for those trades.

What type of insurance should I have as a carpenter?

Carpenter insurance is an umbrella term for different policies. Let’s break them down:

  • Public liability insurance covers you if your work accidentally causes damage to someone’s property, injures someone, or causes illness. An example of this might be if a wall you built accidentally collapses on someone.
  • Professional liability insurance is there to protect you if your clients claim your work was substandard and has caused them loss or damage. Despite your best efforts, you might meet disgruntled clients. If they try to claim against you, this type of insurance will cover your legal fees.
  • Employer’s liability insurance covers legal fees if an employee makes a claim against you for an accident at work. If you have employees, it’s a legal requirement. The only exceptions are if you employ family members or self-employed contractors.
  • Tool cover is a popular add-on policy. This insurance will often provide you with fast payments to replace lost or stolen tools should the worst happen.
How do I find cheap carpenter insurance?

One of the best ways to find cheap carpenter insurance is to use an unbiased comparison site like Simply enter your details to compare carpenter insurance quotes quickly and easily. Our system is designed to make it easy for you to compare a range of carpenter insurance policies at a glance.

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