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Compare Uber Eats Insurance

If you work as a food delivery driver, whether it’s for Just Eat, Deliveroo, or Uber Eats, you’ll need special insurance to cover this. With you can quickly and easily compare Uber Eats insurance quotes to help you find great deals at competitive rates.

Do you need different insurance for Uber Eats?

In short, yes. Your standard car policy is unlikely to cover you for the different risks associated with being a food courier. Normally your car insurance policy only covers you for social and domestic use as well as commuting to a single place of work. If you’re an Uber Eats driver, you’re using your car for another purpose which means you’ll need an insurance policy that reflects that.

If you don’t have the right cover and you have an accident, your provider could refuse to pay out.

Do you need different insurance for Uber eats?

You’ll need insurance in order to be be able to legally drive on UK roads, this requirement will need to be met before you start operating as an Uber driver.

What is certificate of motor insurance uber eats?

A certificate of motor insurance is required by Uber in order to become an uber eats driver. It covers food delivery, hire and reward not excluding food delivery. This is essentially proof of motor insurance.

What does Uber Eats insurance include?

As with any car insurance policy, you can opt for the highest level of cover with fully comprehensive insurance, choose mid-range, third-party fire and theft cover, or go for the minimum third-party-only insurance option. In addition, you could look at additional protection including:

  • Hire and reward insurance that covers you to carry passengers and food parcels
  • Legal expenses cover in case any claims are made against you
  • Breakdown cover in case you need roadside assistance when out and about on your deliveries.
How much is Uber Eats insurance?

Typically a food delivery insurance policy is likely to be more expensive than your standard car insurance policy. You’re likely to cover more miles, drive at night and in all weather and work to tight timescales to make your deliveries. These factors increase the risk of an accident, making your insurance premium higher.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find a good deal on your Uber Eats insurance though. At you can compare Uber Eats insurance quotes and find one that offers excellent value. How much your Uber Eats insurance premium costs will depend on several factors including the value of your car, your age, any driving convictions, and your location.

How can I find cheap Uber Eats insurance?

One of the best ways to find cheap Uber Eats insurance is to collect quotes from different insurers. makes this easy. Using one simple form, we can collect quotes from trusted UK providers and help you find great offers.

Aside from shopping around, you can also keep your insurance premium down by:

  • Avoiding modifications to your car that make it more valuable or likely to be broken into or stolen
  • Opting to pay annually rather than monthly
  • Choosing a higher excess.
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