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Pay Monthly Car Finance

Compare Pay Monthly Car Finance

Need cheap pay monthly car finance? Here at, we can help you compare pay monthly car finance from a range of providers. Whether you’re looking for used car finance or a PCP deal, we’ve got some excellent deals.

Can you buy a car by paying monthly?

Yes. There are various ways that you can finance the cost of a car and make monthly repayments. The main options are:

  • Personal Loan – A personal or secured loan is often a cheap way to fund the purchase of a car as rates can be quite low. It usually requires a fairly good credit score.
  • PCP – Personal Contract Purchase is a financial contract that allows you to pay monthly to use a car, similar to a lease contract. At the end of an agreed term, you can choose to pay a “balloon payment” and purchase the car outright. Alternatively, you can choose to end the contract and sell the car.
  • Hire purchase – you borrow the value of the car and pay it off in monthly instalments. You won’t own the car outright until you have made the last payment.
Is it cheaper to buy a car or pay monthly?

If you can afford the initial outlay to buy a car outright, this is usually always cheaper. option. That’s because pay monthly solutions involve borrowing money which always comes at a cost.

Do you need 3 months’ payslips for car finance?

Many lenders will require evidence of your employment, but the specific requirements vary from lender to lender. Some will require 6 months of payslips, some none, so it all depends.

Can I get car finance with a credit score of 500?

There’s no definitive credit score required to access cheap pay monthly car finance deals. It always works on an individual basis. Sometimes a score of 500 would get you a loan, sometimes not. It’s generally accepted that lenders are looking for a credit score above 700.

Where can I find cheap pay monthly car finance deals?

As a first step, it’s a good idea to pay monthly car finance quotes from multiple providers. Use an unbiased comparison service, like, to collect quotes from trusted UK providers. Beyond that, improving your credit score might help you access more cheap pay monthly car finance options.

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